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The Indian army is the land-based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed forces. A career in defence Forces promises one of the most prestigious and respected positions in the country. Youngsters who aspire to choose a career of excitement , adventure and challenges can find no better place than defence to meet all their professional expectations. The Indian Armed forces are the military force of India which consist of fore professional uniformed service : The Indian Army, Indian air forces, Indian Navy and Indian  coast Guard .The various paramilitary organisations and various Inter-service instructions also help the Indian armed forces. The military of defense is responsible for the management of armed forces in India.  to Become Army

Qualifications to Required Indian Army

1 . Educational qualifications

In order to the Indian Army in the GD category, the candidate must be matriculation passed, or some equivalent examination from a recognized board. So, the minimum education requirement is class 10th pass with a minimum of 45% marks in aggregate and a minimum of 33% marks in each subject.

This means that out of 100 marks, one must get at least 33 marks in each subject, and at least 45% overall. If you a candidate has 6 subject, then the best of 5is taken. If a candidate fails in an additional subject, then still he is eligible to apply for this post.

2 . Army GD age

To be eligible to apply for soldier GD, a candidate must be between 18 years to 21 years old, as per his original documents. When the recruitment notification is released for a particular district or state, the date of birth in which the applicant DOB must fall as mentioned in that Notification. The applicant must make sure that their DOB falls between the dates given in the notification.

3 . Nationality For Indian Army GD

In order to maintain integrity, the defense government of India has set the following rules for nationality to join the Indian Army from the same or different countries. The criteria for nationality are as follows.

  • All the candidates from India can join the Indian army.
  • Candidates having the nationality of Napal and Bhutan can join the Indian army.
  • The permanently settled Tibetan refugee in India, who can to India before the 1st for January of 1992 can also apply.

4 . Marital status

The candidate should be an unmarried male following all the above points.

5 . Physical standards and Eligibility

In order to recruit the best candidate, there are sets of physical standards formed by the Indian army. The physical criteria are as follows:

* The height criteria for different state and district are different. This criterion can be relaxed accounting to the region of the candidates and gorkh candidates. Seethe below table for more information.

* Minimum chest required is 77cm, and plus 5cm after expansion.

* The weight of the candidate should be in proportion with his height & according to his age.

Indian army soldier GD Height, weight and chest Requirement :

RegionMinimum HeightMinimum WeightMinimum Chest
Jammu & kashmir, Himachal pradesh, Punjab hills, (area South and west of the Inter-state border between Himachal pradesh, panjab, hoshiyarpur, garh shankar, ropar and Chandigarh). 163 cm48 Kg77 cm
Sikkim, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya, Assam and hill reaction of West Bengal. 160 cm48 Kg77cm
Panjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Rajasthan and west uttar pradesh. 170 cm50 Kg77cm
East uttar pradesh, Bihar, west Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa. 169 cm 50 Kg77 cm
Madhya Pradesh, chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Dadar, Daman and Diu. 168 cm48 Kg77 cm
Karnataka, Andhrapradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Goa, Puducherry. 166 cm50 Kg77 cm

Indian Army selection process :

1 . Height bar test : firstly, candidate will have to go through the height bar as per height checking.

2. Physical fitness test ( PFT )

Candidate qualified in the above test will be allowed for the physical fitness test Indian army PFT  will consist of the following

Run/Race ( 1.6 KM ) : 1.6 km Run for all categories as soldier GD , tradesman , technical , Nursing assistant (NA) , NA (VET), Havildar education, surveyor Auto cartographer, JCO catering and JCO rt will be connect as following:

  • Upto 05 minutes 30 second Group 1st (60 second)
  • From 05 minutes 31 second to 05 minutes 45 second-group second (48 marks)

Pull ups chin through (Beam) : pull ups for all categories as soldier GD. Tradesman clerk / SKT / IM, technical, Nursing Assistant (NA) / NA (VET), Havidar education, surveyor auto cartographer, JCO catering and JCO RT Will be contacted following:

  • 10 pull ups :  40 marks
  • 09 pull ups : 38 marks
  • 08 pull ups : 27 marks
  • 07 pull ups : 21 marks
  • 06 pull ups : 16 marks
  • bellow 06   : Fail

The procedures done doing Medical test in Indian army

The candidate is supported to choose any one hospital form given list after this medicals as per this convenience . So the medical is contacted by five different specialists-

1 . ENT : ear, nose and throat. They check vary basic things and any person who has never had any bad experience will Clair it. Hardly anyone is rejected in this . Common point of rejection: hole in ear membrane and something with nose bone.

2 . EYE : common test for vision and color blindness etc. Eyesight checked alone with your specs but the power of your specs should be in the permissible limits which is based on the type of entry.

3 . Dental : normal checkup, rarely anyone gets rejected. If you have a full grown set of teeth without any problems you are good.

4 . Surgery : here you will be asked to take of all your clothes and the surgeon will examine you from bottom to top for knock knees, any previous injuries, deviation of arms, anus, hernia . Flat food was not checked in my case.

5 . Medical : Height, weight, chest, BP, ECG ( in special cases) etc , common points of rejection : over weight (very common), heart/BP problems(rare)

chest X-ray for lungs, ultrasound for kidney stone, liver problems, blood test, urine test are also done and results are examined. hardly anything is  pointed out in any of these tests. kindly stone is found sometimes in some candidates which is very much treatable.

Benefits of join Indian Army

The main advantage that an army man enjoy after retirement is the pension, you would be amazed to know that an ex-army man gets around 50% of the total salary he retied on i.e if your salary at the time of retirement was Rs. 30,000 than after retirement  you will get pension somewhat around 12,000 to 15,000 .

  • Family pension Enhanced family pension of 50%of reckonable emoluments last drawn for a period of 10 years. thereafter ordinary family pension at the  rate of 30% of last reckonable emoluments drawn .
  • Army group insurance (revised wef 01 Apr 2011) up to 40 lakh.
  • Army central welfare
  • Finial settlement of Accounts.

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