Top Government Jobs In India

About government jobs

1 . Indian civil service

  • IAS ( Indian administration service)
  • IPS ( Indian police service)
  • IFS ( Indian foreign Service)
  • IA&AS (Indian audit and accounting service )
  • ID&AS ( Indian defense accounting service)
  • IDES ( Indian defense estates service)
  • ICLS (Indian corporate law service)

2 . Defence service

The government of India is responsible for ensuring the defense of India every part there of. This is discharged through the minister of defence. Which provides the policy frame work and wherewithal to the armed force to discharge there responsible in the context of the defence of the country.

It consists of three professionals uniformed service.

  • Indian Army
  • Indian navy
  • Indian air force

3 . PSU – public sector undertaking

The state owned enterprise in India is called a public sector undertaking or public sector enterprise. There companies are owned by the unian government of India or one of the many state or Territorial government of both tougher in parts. The PSU companies list of the control public sector enterprise are

  • NTPC ( National terminal power corporation)
  • ONGC ( oil and national gas corporation)
  • SAIL ( steel authority of Indian limited)
  • BHEL ( Bharat heavy electrical limited)
  • IOCL ( Indian oil corporation limited)
  • CIL ( Coal India limited)

4 . Indian Railways

Indian Railway is a governmental entity under the ministry of railway that operates India’s national railway system. It is runs by the government as a public good and manages the fourth largest railway network in the world by size, with a route length of 68,155km (42,350 mi) as of March 2019.

Indian Railways has several classes of travel, with or without air conditioning. A train may have one or several classes. Slow passenger train have only unreleased seating, and the Rajdhani Express, shatabdi Express, garib rath express, decker Express, tejas  express .

5 . University professor

Professor a an academic rank at university and other post secondary education and research institution in most countries. Teaching has always been considered a reputed job in Indian society as offers a stable and honorable career and income. It is regarded to be the most responsible profile because a teacher leads the feature of youth and the country.

A college, university professor has a lot of a responsibility apart from teaching. If you wish to pursue your career as a college lecturer and have a strong commitment and desire for it, then you must know the details about it.

6 . Banking

Banking is a financial institution that accept deposit from the public and creates a demand deposit while simultaneously making loans. Banking is an industry that handles cash, credit, and other financial transportation. Banks  provide a safe to store extra cash and credit. They offer saving account, certificates of deposit, and checking accounts. Bank loans and credit mean families don’t to save up before going to college or buying a house .

Types of banks

  • Retail banks the majority of people are the most familiar with retail banks.
  • Commercial bank service primary individuals and small businesses.
  • Co-operative or mutual banks
  • Investment banks
  • Private banks
  • Online banks etc.

7 . Income tax officer

The Income tax is a government agency undertaking direct of the government of India. It functions under the department of revenue of the ministry of finance. Income tax department headed by the apex body central board of direct taxes. Main responsibility of income tax department is to enforce various direct tax laws, most important among these being the income tax Act, 1961,to collect revenue of government of India. It also enforces other economic laws.

8 . ITI – industrial training Institute

ITI is much more than an Institute that gives vocational training to candidates who were licking for government jobs. ITI government job institution are providing job opportunity to millions of candidates every year.

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